The Rules of Backyard Croquet by Sunni Overend

Apple March, ex-fashion design student, is currently hiding from the design world, working as a clothing store manager, with all of her designs stored away out of sight under her bed. But when her sister gets engaged, and asks her to design her wedding dress, the true story of why she left fashion school comes out.

While she tries to keep things under control, with her passion for design reigniting against her wishes, Apple tries to keep her secret hidden from her new group of friends.

A tale of romance, design, friendship, heartbreak, and a few timely car breakdowns.

I managed to get through this book in two sittings! 356 pages in 2 sittings. Granted, these were on 2 days quite far apart while I got my hands on a hardcopy. This book was enchanting and kept me on the edge of my seat, so I just couldn't stop reading.

Apple, her mum and sister, her work colleagues, and her friends twist together in such a natural way to form her world of people. It was so effortless to keep track of who was there in each setting, each scene alive in my head.

The fashion school drama intrigued me, her personal life was a pleasant rollercoaster, and her work life had me egging her on, so it was a beautiful, enveloping read for me.

I'd highly recommend this novel to any lover of Sunni Overend, Australian fiction, fashion, travel, romance, or just a relaxed, gripping, read.



The Rules of Backyard Croquet by Sunni Overend | Emma Louisa