Redken Pillow Proof Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo

The Redken Pillow Proof products are based around extending your hairstyle as long as possible. This dry shampoo not only gets rid of oil, it adds texture to help with styling hair. Let's be honest, second day hair is the easiest to style when it comes to plaits and updos. This spray helps you take that benefit through to the third day, and maybe the fourth day if you don't wash your hair every second day normally. Other products in the range help with this sort of technique

This dry shampoo is not specified for any hair colour, and with dark brown hair, with many a silver hair, this can be a concern, but once you run a brush through the hair, any excess white colour is completely gone, assuming you haven't over-applied, which I did a couple times at the start.

I find I don't need very much product to absorb the oil in my hair. I started using this product about 4 years ago and this is my second can of this stuff, so its worth every cent. I don't use it all that often either, so each can has lasted me a good long while.. I generally prefer to just wash my hair, and realistically, I don't go out all that much, so it's not like I need it every Friday night. My scalp is sensitive, and even though I use almost no products on my scalp, this doesn't set it off. If you have a sensitive scalp, and are looking for a dry shampoo style product, it's worth a shot. That said, its not a sensitive scalp product, so its worth a try, whatever your needs.