A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay

After witnessing the disposal of two bodies, and being hit over the head so hard he should have joined them, Paul Davis tries to come to terms with what he saw. In doing so, he decides to write down what happened from his point of view, and possibly investigate why his colleague would kill those women, but he gets a little sidetracked when he starts hearing someone in his house at night, and discovering notes left in his new typewriter.... 

This book has a great balance of murder, suspense, and therapy. You won't see the end coming. It comes out of nowhere, like a racing train, far off the tracks. Or maybe like following your colleague thinking he's having car trouble only to find he has two bodies and a spade in his car... so I guess it sorts of ends in a way just as unexpected as Paul was at the start.

A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay

The setting of this story seems so real, you're given so many details about Paul, and everyone around him that you can really paint a picture of his world. The characters are well established, Paul knows about as much as the reader does, enough to get a real sense of their character, as he interprets it, but you're still second guessing almost everyone in his life, and the people he has merely met in passing. I read this book in about three sittings, two short, and one very long one, where I read probably 75% of the book. It was very enticing, keeping me glued to the pages. The story progresses rather quickly, although there is a short part, where the story gets a little slower, but you're still on high alert for what might be on the next page.

If you like a murder story, a mystery, a thriller, or just love a book that keeps you on your toes, check this one out.

Thank you to Hachette for my proof copy of A Noise Downstairs