Plus Size Fashion Wishlist

I sincerely love that "mainstream" brands are introducing plus size and curve ranges, they are the most likely to be successful with it, since they have such a wide audience. I am on the upper end of most NZ brands, which means a lot of their smaller fit clothes don't actually fit. Plus I like dresses and tops to be both long and slightly oversized, so that's something that rarely works. Plus size clothing is also getting higher quality, and lower price because of the slight increase in competition. I love this, since I'm 25, so I'm not about to go to your normal local plus size shop, since it's normally aimed at middle aged and older women, and realistically is just 10 years out of date on it's sizes. Side note, did you know that a size 10, now would have been a good 16+ a while back...?! It's just a number people. Right, side note over. The best part of all of this is that over time, the silhouette's and comfort of these clothes are getting better, and there's also more of a range of different styles to suit different people. This helps me a LOT. Plus, now that free returns is becoming more popular, we have more luck. Here is a whole bunch of things that are in my wishlists that I want to buy, but am exerting self control over.

Plus Size Fashion Wishlist |