Five Dream Destinations

I have such a wanderlust bug. Not going to lie, a small part of the reason I went self-employed was so that I can travel whenever it suits me. I'm always scrolling through Pinterest and finding places to visit when I'm there, like restaurants, beaches, mountains, and tours. These five destinations always seem to stick out to me. They are each quite different, and I want to go to them for all very different reasons.



I would love a beach island resort holiday where all I do for days is snorkel, swim, sleep and eat. It would be fantastic in that I would take a full break and blob in such a beautiful place. Some of these resorts are all-inclusive and I feel like that would be the way I'd go. Meals, alcohol, activities all covered and limitless, perfection. There's normally Wifi at these resorts, but maybe I just wouldn't take my laptop, or would just not take it out of my suitcase. 

I'd love to stay in an overwater villa. The idea of diving from your own balcony, or just walk down a couple of steps is perfection to me. I actually costed up staying in the Maldives over the water, vs Fiji and the Maldives was way cheaper. I don't mind long flights because I just watch movies, and I can sleep in an uncomfortable seat, so I don't mind going that far to be on a perfect little island escape.

I also love the idea of walking on a boardwalk over the water to my breakfast. Or going along on one of those cute bikes, and spending the whole time with no shoes. This is on my 30 before 30 list, and I'm hoping I go ASAP.

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Full disclosure, I hate zoos, aquariums and any other form of animals in captivity. I just think it's unfair that the animals are stuck in that cage only so that we can stand there and point at them. This means that the only way I can see these animals is in the wild, which is fairer to me. If the animals hate the people being there, they can move away. If you go past them in a 4x4 they are well within their capability to come at you and attack you, run away from you, or just ignore you. 

Africa also entices me because I'm just so not used to any sort of desert landscape. I think they are beautiful, with their red sand as far as the eye can see, spotted with a few trees and shrubs. It also interests me that animals are made for those sorts of climates too. The sunrises and sunsets look beautiful too. The cities interest me too, but the wide open spaces is the main reason I want to go. I would however really like to visit Cape Town, go kayaking and climb mountains. It's just such a beautiful continent, and so different to New Zealand.

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My parents went to Hawaii last year, and now I want to go so bad. Not so much to the big island, it seems a little too metropolitan for my liking, but to the areas where you can just climb mountains, go visit waterfalls and see the beautiful traditional Hawaiian people. I'd still like to spend a day in the more touristy areas just to see what they are like and a walk around, but then spend the rest of the time bopping around the islands.There is a lot of adventure things you can do, like ziplining, kayaking, cliff jumping and parasailing and I would love to do that stuff too.

I'd also be keen on doing the Hawaii Five-0 tour, where they take you to a bunch of places they show on the TV series. My parents did it and loved it, and I love that show, so that's on my list. I also feel like it would be a good way to get oriented.

I would love to try all of the food. There are so many different influences on the food there, plus a lot of food we just don't have here in New Zealand. I also feel like I would go wild taking all of the photos all over the place in Hawaii.

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New York City

New York is the main place that is so metro that I want to visit. There's all of the tourist spots, amazing museums, Central Park, Broadway, and all of the amazing food places. I basically want to spend the entire time I'd be there walking around and seeing everything, and looking at storefronts, bridges, and people watching. I don't expect to see all that much nature. Central Park doesn't sound like it's all that clean, given litter and horse poo, so maybe a quick walk through and then up to skyline from there.

I could then counteract all of that walking by eating all of the donuts, ice cream, cupcakes, seafood, and ramen. Then I'd hit up every shop we don't have here, Glossier, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and all of the places I don't even know about yet.

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Finland is my ultimate wintery destination. It's so beautiful during the summer, but where I live in New Zealand, we don't get snow at all, so trees and mountains covered in snow is not something I see every year. I also want to see the Northern Lights, see the huskies and maybe go sledding. Then immediately head inside, sit by the fire, and look out a glass roof all night. I also want to see and take part of Finnish culture. It's very different to New Zealand, and any other culture I know, so I'd love to see how they cook, and learn and travel and their hospitality.

There are so many amazing tours, and places to visit out in the wilderness. Helsinki also looks beautiful, their homes and public buildings are amazing architecture. I also wouldn't mind taking a dip in the pool there too, just to see what it's like, then have a heck of a lot of hot chocolate and sit by the fire.

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What is your dream destination? Let's plan all of the trips in the comments below.