My Favourite Podcasts

I'm loving podcasts, and have been for the last couple of years. I listen to them in the car, when I'm doing stuff around the house, and occasionally while I'm doing work if it suits the work I'm doing. I love reading blogs and articles, and watching videos, but content made for your your ears, where you don't need to reference a screen, is perfect for so many more occasions. I personally prefer to use iTunes to subscribe to my Podcasts, then use the Podcasts apps on my iPhone. It downloads them when I'm home, so that I an listen to them offline while I'm out, plus you never have to check if a new episode has been released.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon, author of the Ctrl Alt Delete book, interviews and chats to a massive range of people, who have a relationship with the internet. Most of her guests have a career that has been effected by the internet in some way, like someone who works at Twitter, YouTube stars, comedians who have gone viral, bloggers, other authors who have promoted their books online, you get the gist. As someone who works with the internet, and I share stuff on the internet, it's super interesting to me. They often chat about how they started on the internet, and the impact it's had on them, both good and bad. The most interesting thing, I find, is different people's perspective on the internet, and their stories of the things that have happened to them.

Sometimes they also talk about how to deal with certain situations online, like trolls, balancing privacy and sharing, comparison, going viral, self-esteem, and building a brand online, so there's an element of advice and education in there too. The internet is a tricky place, so I really enjoy hearing from people who have been there done that, and know what they would do differently already.

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Lower Your Expectations

YouTuber Marcus Butler, and his co-host Matt discuss practically whatever they feel like. They often discuss the inner workings of YouTube, ad money, creating content and the work they do. However, they also chat about whatever funny thing happened that wee, like the time Marcus moved, the time Matt went and had all of the tapas in Europe, and when they went to VidCon. Plus there's the Big Question, when Matt finds a very obscure news story, and then asks Marcus a question, semi-never related to the article... 

It's hilarious. Their banter is great, plus there's the dynamic of mates, but also Matt works for Marcus, but also they do really get along, and love to give each other a heap of shit. The balance makes it even funnier, because they're never actually mean, but it's so upfront, which is very much my sense of humour.

If you like a laugh, and a little bit of influencer, internet and business chat, give it a go.

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My Favorite Murder

First off, I really enjoy fictional crime shows, true crime shows, documentaries, all of it. I don't like it when they give too many details of the actual crime, because nightmares, but I do like it when they document how they figured out who did it, and a little about the psychosis behind it.  I found about this podcast through a few mentions online, and thought this would be something I would be interested in.

They don't solve crime, they simply discuss it. If they remember the time when the crime took place and was on the news, or have any connection to the area it happened for example, they discuss how this effected them at the time. They also have a Facebook group for listeners of the podcast and will read someone's story of a hometown murder in each episode. Not like this is what happened kind of a story, but X crime happened and while they were looking for the killer, my mom wouldn't let me go anywhere but school. They don't discuss the details of what happens to people too much, other than say, how they died possibly. It's more about some clues if the case is unsolved, or details about the killer.

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The Heart Of It

Estee Lalonde, a blogger and YouTube discusses a topic each episode with a guest, who knows a lot about that particular topic. This podcast is beautifully done, they discuss these topics well, but also quite quickly. You feel like you want to hear more, but from the people, not necessarily like it was cut short. The topics they discuss in Season One all interested me, but they were all quite broad, like travel, tattoos, her mom and identity. It's quite a personal chat, but that's what makes it so interesting, it's like a chat with friends.

Estee is basically an awesome, interesting person. Her book, Bloom, was also a personal look into her life, so I sort of felt like this was an extension of that type of content, but where she's now finding out about things from people who know all about it.

This one isn't airing new episodes at the moment, but you can catch up on Season One now.

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At Home With...

Lily and Anna visit people in their homes and ask them about both their home and their beauty regime. This one is full to the brim with anecdotes about finding furniture, having a purpose for their spaces, and funny stories. The gals love of beauty comes through in most episodes, but they also both love interiors, so they chat with each guest about their choice of decor, their home's style, their careers, and life in general.

Because they are so welcome in each of these homes, they look inside wardrobes, fridges, bathrooms and other places only a friend would. I love both Lily and Anna's blogs and YouTube channels, and all of their social media, so it's no real surprise that I love this podcast, but even if you don't follow these gals, still have a listen.

This one isn't airing new episodes at the moment, but you can catch up on their full first season now, with interviews of Lisa Eldridge, Kate Johnson aka Kate La Vie, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, and Terry de Gunzberg.

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The Fringe Of It

I stumbled across this one because I used to passively follow Liv Purvis, aka What Olivia Did, and saw her podcast announcement when I visited her blog. I've since become an avid follower of both Liv and Charlotte, aka Betty Magazine. They are two friends chatting around a loose topic each episode. This podcast is very new, but two episodes in and I'm loving it. Honestly at this point I wonder if everyone should have a podcast. This one also feels like two friends just having a chin-wag, because it actually is. They have a Facebook Group, and in there, there's also great chats.

You can very much tell these two are genuine friends, not two acquaintances who got together to make a podcast. They've done a couple of videos in the past too and there is a mutual respect and caring friendship there. It really makes the podcast. Two good friends chatting just takes it to a whole other level.

I am looking forward to lots of new episodes. I'm unsure if this will be the type of podcast that will have seasons, but for now they are promoting that they'll be doing one podcast each week.

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Strategy Hour

Abagail and Emylee discuss not just "business" but specifically business processes. because it's so specific, you know exactly what you're getting and it's awesome. They chat about how they built their business, streamlined their processes, how they are able to work a 3.5 day work week, that kind of thing. They also interview people on very similiar topics. Because its about business processes, you could have any type of business and find this interesting. They touch on social media, and websites and things like that, but always from the perspective of processes.

The two of them are both very interesting people, which makes you want to b their friend. At the time when Emylee was adopting, and they were streamlining a lot fo the business and getting prepared for Abagail to run the business on her own for a couple of months, Abagail was in a bad car accident and  badly injured her back, something she still deals with at least a year on. It ended up not being too big of a deal for that business. How organised to you have to be for that to be sweet as?! Because of this, and many other reasons, you can tell it's truly good advice to receive.

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How I Built This

Guy Raz interviews a different business owner in each episode about how they built their business and or empire. Thing is, these business owners are the creators of Instagram, Airbnb, Soap & Glory, Warby Parker and Dell Computers. Massive companies! This makes it so interesting, most of them didn't set out to create a big worldwide business, they were just doing something they loved, or trying to make ends meet, so its very interesting hearing how they coped at each stage.

There's very specific advice given, honest reflections, they discuss how much they think was hard work and how much was luck, and really get into the nitty gritty of how they started and built this business that in hindsight now is huge, but at the time, they truly had no idea, just ambition.

This podcast sort of reminds you that if you have a goal, or a true hobby, that you should pursue it wholeheartedly and see where it takes you.

At the end of each episode, there's a segment called How You Built That where people tell their short story of how and why they created their own, normal sized business.

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If you check out any of these podcasts and love them, let me know on Instagram!