High End Beauty Wishlist

I love the internet...It allows me to have access to all of the beauty products that just aren't stocked here in New Zealand or are pricier, and they don't even take that long to get here. I love the idea that us kiwis can now easily afford these higher end products, because international shipping is both offered, and so much cheaper. We pay a lot more here mostly because we have such a small population, I mean our entire country is the equivalent of Sydney, Australia, and unfortunately what that meant was that any time you or a friend would go through duty free, or somewhere with better pricing and shops, us kiwis would buy all the goods then. Which only really made the quantity purchased here go down even more. For context, as of this week, even taking into account for currency exchange, a MAC lipstick in the US is less than 25NZD, here they are 40NZD. Hence why I look online for all the goods before buying anything here, and also compare brand to brand to get the best. To make your dollar go furthest, take a look online. If I want something now, the price difference is minimal, or I shop in a store that offers your amount spent on a makeover back on product, I'll shop here. These are the items currently on my wishlist, and might soon be headed this way.

High End Beauty Wishlist | Emma Louisa