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Last night, my boyfriend and I had dinner at Mexican Cafe on Victoria Street West in the centre of Auckland. It was a great meal, although quite quick, so was a good night out.


We enjoyed the food at Mexican Cafe so much. We ordered from the Happy Hour menu, so it was even cheaper than usual. I got a prawn soft shell taco and ate half a small plate of Nachos. My boyfriend ended up ordering three soft shell tacos to try a few, and had a Sol Lager and the rest of the nachos. I ate quite a small meal really, but was definitely full. The sheer size of my margarita topped me up though.

The menu had a really great range on it. I've never really seen a Happy Hour food menu with so many options. It was still limited, but there were a good 10 options or so. The full menu was massive, with a range of each of the normal mexican meals you'd expect, with meat options and vegetarian dishes. The meals we saw going past were quite a mix. Others had clearly ordered off the Happy Hour menu too, but there were quite a few people who ordered from the regular menu and their meals were quite big. From going here a few years ago, they were decent size meals with a really good value for money. Our meals were more on the snack side, so you can try a few bits.


There was also quite a large range on the drinks menu, both the Happy Hour selection and the normal menu. There was also a photo guide on the table, so we could see what we could expect to get when we ordered. I ordered a jug of Margarita. It was probably the size of 3 or 4 normal size margaritas, but there wasn't too much alcohol in it. Enough to make it authentic, but not enough that I was getting tipsy.


Keeping in mind we got a jug of Margarita, one beer, 4 soft shell tacos and a mini nachos, this meal was incredibly cheap. All up it was $54.50, which is a bargain of a dinner out in my mind.


There was fun mexican music playing in the stairs up to the restaurant, so as soon as you walk in, you're invited by the theme. You receive complementary chips and salsa as you sit down, so you can snack while you choose your drink and meals.

It's called a cafe, but you're served in the traditional restaurant way, there's a host and waiters and waitresses to take your order. The staff were really nice and checked on us once our meal arrived.

On the balcony, it's a little loud because of the road noise down below, but it's not too loud. Bigger groups should probably sit inside to make sure everyone can hear each other.

The food came out quickly, but we certainly didn't feel rushed, we just ate quite quickly because we were both hungry when we arrived. We did however opt to not have dessert because if we did, we'd have to pay extra parking.

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The restaurant doesn't have a carpark, so you're left to find a close spot in a parking building. This is basically just Auckland for you, but it is quite expensive to park, we were back at our car within an hour and paid $15.00, so if you can, public transport is the best option. We would have had to pay an extra 7.50 per hour up to $60 if we stayed longer. Obviously you could park in a cheaper place and walk further if you wanted.

Public Transport

Because it is a super central location, public transport is super simple. You could either walk up from Britomart or over from Symonds Street, or there are a lot of buses that stop out on the street since Victoria Street West is a pretty popular bus stop area. The restaurant is sort of across and down from SkyCity so it's quite simple to get to.

Overall, it was a great evening, with a quick and yum dinner and drinks. If you're looking for a cheap meal, or just craving mexican food or a Margarita, head on down.