Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run the World by Rebecca Holman


Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run the World is an inspiring book, about the difference between Alpha and Beta women in the workplace. It includes interviews, anecdotes and practical advice to help you succeed no matter where you land on the spectrum. Rebecca includes a lot of her own career in this book, from starting out, to her first time leading a time, all the way through to now where she's figured out her strengths and what she needs to work at to do better. This gives you her insight into a lot of the writing world as a woman, and how being a quieter person made her succeed despite some rather uncomfortable situations.

Rebecca also features lots of interviews with different women with different experiences. From nightmare bosses, to small clashes, to harassment, and then all of the positive ones too.

You do sort of spend the whole time trying to guess where you land, and how you can make that advice work for you, but I do supposed that's the point. She's written it so that it's informative, but that there's still a certain amount of thinking you have to do on your end, so that it can work for a lot of people.

The book includes recommendations for collaborating, working with a manager with a different style to you, managing a team when you're not the loudest in the room, and workplace friendships. It mostly covers the workplace only, but there's a few lifestyle bits in there too.

I'd recommend Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run the World to every working female. Or a boss of a working female, or the employee of a working female for that matter, just to get a little extra insight. It's actually a very quick read. Not all career related guides are all that consumable, but this one is so interesting and offers so many different views that it's a breeze to read.

Thanks to the team at Hachette for my copy of Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run the World