Crossroads Cafe Milton Cafe Review


I visited Crossroads Cafe Milton on the weekend with the girls from #BrunchClub, a group of bloggers who meet up to chat. I find it really inspiring to meet up with the girls (and occasionally we have a dude) and I generally feel like blogging and posting online afterwards. The Cafe we visited this month was amazing, the service was good, the food was amazing, and we had a great time. I ordered an iced latte and the hotcakes, both of which tasted great.

We were quite a large group, but we all got our food within a few minutes of each other, which is generally a good sign, however we did pre-order. Our meals were all warm, and everyone was saying how good their meals tasted. There were also quite a few masterpieces on those plates. Everyone was commenting how amazing their meal was, so taste won't be an issue.

All of the meals were pretty good sizes, although some of the girls either didn't finish or took leftovers home, so depending on your appetite and the particular meal you choose, it could be a little too big or perfect. Mine was a great size, not too big, but super tasty.