Riverdale Season 1 Thoughts *Spoilers*

After watching Season 1 of Riverdale, I had so many thoughts. I wrote these down, and never published them, so now that we have Season 2 started on Netflix, I thought I'd get them out here for you. If you haven't watched the show, I'd highly recommend it. Watch Season 1, come back here and see if you agree with me, then catch up on Season 2. I want to give Betty a hug and tell her that she knows Jugghead better than that. I want to give Jugg a pat on the back and tell him he better not change. I want to give Cheryl a high five and tell her she’s a good bitch, but also tell her to watch the crazy. I want to give Archie a hug. I want to tell Veronica to grow up, because she’ll need to stand up to her father soon, in an adult and convincing way.

There are so many secrets. Like how Betty doesn’t know her mother was from the South Side, and doesn’t really understand how it is there. This seems to effect her judgement, especially in that (perfectly produced) moment where Jugghead shrugs on that jacket. The things she doesn’t know make the difference between the look on her face and the looks on Juggheads. He seems to know that although the Serpents will support him, he doesn’t think they’ll force him into some life of crime. No matter what, he needs to be there for his mum and sister, so there’s only so far he can go before he risks supporting them, and also becoming a hypocrite.

The whodunit questions for next season will revolve around whether the shooting at the Choc’lit Shoppe was a hit, who ordered it, who else we don’t suspect is involved. But we’ll also be wondering, how will Jugghead go with the Serpents? Will him and Betty break up? Does Frank survive? Will Archie move to live with his mum? How involved is Hermione Lodge? What other secrets do Betty’s parents have hidden? What will happen to Cheryl and her mother? How low will Riverdale sink? There’s certainly a lot going on in this town and I could see this show go on for years.


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