Tin Man by Sarah Winman


Tin Man was heartwarming and heartbreaking. It details the lives of three people, a woman, and two men and their intertwining stories. Each of their stories is told one by one, and as you make your way further in the novel, the story comes together.

This novel was a real tipsy turvy one for me, I felt for the characters in their highs and lows. This novel was told over many time periods throughout all of their lives, so it spans a large amount of territory of their emotions, friendships, loves and grief.

As their time together is explained, and their intertwined experiences and estrangement is evolved through the novel, you learn more about each person and what made them do certain things. There is also quite a lot of illness in this book, which brings up a lot of their past. The three narrating characters and deeply investigated throughout the book, even though it is relatively short. Since the book is told from their inner monologue, they are each very open. The novel is fast paced, since it covers so much time, and is also quite a short book, so it's quite a quick book to finish, making it even more enjoyable.


Thanks to the team at Hachette for my copy of Tin Man for review.