The End Of The Day by Claire North | Book Review


Sooner or later, Death visits everyone. Before that, they meet Charlie. The End of the Day follows the Harbinger of Death, Charlie, as he travels the globe, meeting people and giving a gift. Some pass away, some are involved in ideas that die, and some people pivot and in doing so, don't die, since Charlie's visit was a warning. While there were cheerful parts of the novel, it was generally very sad and morose. It was quite a slow paced novel. but that sort of added to Charlie's struggle with dealing with this job. The book was still enjoyable, but more in a thought provoking way, rather than a fun read way.

I really enjoyed the characters, Charlie's interactions with everyone and the evolution of their stories and his were very interesting. You get to see him develop from this normal person to a person who has been the Harbinger of Death for an extended period of time. He has no powers, flies everywhere he goes, and often has to lie to be allowed into certain areas or countries. The other Harbingers were very interesting as well. It sort of brings the whole world together into the story as they cross paths.

I liked the idea that Charlie comes before, as a warning or as a courtesy, and also that Death came for people and ideas. The only part I didn't like was that there was only one Harbinger of Death at a time, yet supposedly everyone meets Death. Even though it seemed to be implied, there was no way Charlie would meet everyone.

Without giving too much more away, this was a very interesting book, with some different themes. Claire North has a very intriguing writing style, and she makes you look at the world in a different way. I'd recommend it if you've read any of Claire North's previous work, you like a mystery, or you like stories that look at the modern world from a different perspective.


Thank you to Hachette for my copy of The End Of The Day for review