Don't Let Go by Michel Bussi


Don't Let Go is a genius novel, of mystery, murder and intrigue. It is an amazing crime thriller with a twist around every corner. In a luxury resort on the island of La Réunion, Liane Bellion and her husband Martial are enjoying the perfect moment with their 6-year-old daughter. Then Liane disappears. She went up to her hotel room between 3 and 4pm and never came back. Despite his pleas of innocence, the police see Martial as their prime suspect. Then he disappears along with his daughter.

The story is an unending tale of intrigue and destruction. Each turn adds another element to the story. Each of the key characters in the book has a background that is delved into throughout the book. The intertwined past of many of the characters on this small island, is actually quite surprising, and if you read the book, I'm sure you'll be thinking "that must be it for the connections" about 10 times in the first half.

Like the other Michel Bussi novel I have read, Black Water Lilies, this takes place is a small area, so the number of people to keep track of is limited. That heightens the thrill, but, almost everyone you are introduced to could be involved in some way. There are so many elements to this novel, that it's almost hard to explain how good it was, without spoiling it for you.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves a mystery, of any kind. It's such a brilliant book that I'd say almost anyone would enjoy it.


Thanks to the team at Hachette for my copy of Don't Let Go