Sonix iPhone 7 Plus Case Wishlist


I have had the same phone case on my phone since I bought it. It's a Sonix Phone Case, and the plastic edging is still tight as a tiger 6 months on. I must admit I have dropped my phone a couple times, but its been fine every time. I love the print on my one, but sometimes I wish I could change it out. Their prints also look amazing on the black, which I have, probably because they are just really bright and opaque. I have been perusing the Sonix site over the past couple weeks, and will be making an order soon, but here I'm sharing some of my favourites from the Sonix iPhone 7 Plus Case collection.

Sonix iPhone 7 Plus Case Wishlist |
Sonix iPhone 7 Plus Case Wishlist |

Wish You Were HereBut First CoffeeSushiDelilahBisousSaguaroCosmicIce CreamNopeFuture is FemaleLip ServiceHappy Hour


Just a quick disclaimer, I'm not affiliated with Sonix, they just make great cases, in my opinion.