Five Lose Dad In The Garden Centre | Book Review


In this latest instalment of the new Famous Five series, Five Lose Dad In The Garden Centre, George's mum is adamant she needs to get a builder around and enlisted George and her friends to help her get George's father out of the house. In distracting her father, he manages to blow off half the side of the house, and its quickly decided he'll need a shed next. The group takes him to the local garden centre and then the real antics ensue. This book falls well after Five Forget Mother's Day as it references what happened in that book, and also includes George's parents, and their eccentricities too. I found this book much more serious than the other books in this series, that I've read. It certainly had those elements of parody, with nods to each of the characters serious flaws and some funny elements that have aged with them since the original books, but it didn't seem to be having a laugh the whole time.

There's lots of things anyone would relate to, but also lots of Famous Five quips. As always, a lot of lessons are learnt, but not in an in-your-face kind of way. A lot happens in 100 pages, so while its a quick read, it's a great one.

I'd recommend this to anyone after a quick read, whose read the Famous Five books and anyone looking for a light-hearted laugh.

Thanks to Hachette for my copy of Five Lose Dad In The Garden Centre