L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask | Purifies and Mattifies | Beauty Review


I was really excited when the L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask range was announced. I'm a sucker for a mask and clay is really great for my skin personally. I have a charcoal mask already, so didn't need that one, so eucalyptus was next on my list, since I like my skin to have a matte look. The mask smells fresh and quite strongly of eucalyptus. Depending on how much you apply, there should be 10 applications in each tub, but I think I put enough on that I'll have this done in a few under that. It has certainly helped smooth my skin, it feels a lot clearer and I have had fewer breakouts, so it certainly does the job.

I like to paint it on with a makeup brush, after splashing my face with water. It dries well and quite quickly. It comes off reasonably well with a face cloth, but there is a small layer left on the skin, so I use a scrub cleanser afterwards to make sure my skin is clear. I always need a decent moisturiser afterwards, it really pulls all of the oil out of your skin, so you'll need to add some moisture back in.



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