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WARNING: This post is full of spoilers. If you haven't watched Grace & Frankie, head here to read a spoiler free review. Grace & Frankie is based on two women (with completely different interests) who are just a couple of retired housewives, married to two lawyers, until their respective worlds fall apart after their husband's announce they want to get married. To each other.

I loved that while Grace and Frankie were very different and had never gotten on too well when they were staying at the beach house with their husbands, they bonded over their shared "loss". They banded together, pulling each other out of the depths and start doing fun things. They both have had new relationships and they've started a company together selling vibrators of all things over the three seasons. Frankie even had her first art show. They're certainly thriving. It really that proves that older women have no problems getting on with their lives after retiring, even if their circumstances change. Together, Grace and Frankie defy so many stereotypes.

Grace and Frankie's husbands are quite stereotypical in contrast. They're a little lost, they can actually be quite feminine in lots of scenes and they aren't really the main focus of the show, but they do make for some interesting entertainment. I actually find them quite weak and that gets to me a bit, possibly because I have seen these actors in strong characters before. In season 3, they actually seem to be in the show a little less and I wonder if that's because of feedback from the show's viewers since a few people I have talked to about the show have the same point of view.

Grace and Frankie's kids crack me up. The son with an alcohol problem, the son with the talking to girls problem, the girl with so many kids, and her sister who hates children and commitment. Their problems and relationships play well as a side story to Grace and Frankie's, breaking up the main narrative while also constantly reminding you that they are great mothers. Because none of them are a complete trainwreck, it's lighthearted rather than sad.

I can't wait for the next season, and hope its not too far away.

What are your thoughts on the show? Feel free to put all of your spoiler-filled comments in this post.


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