Frosé Recipe


Frosé Recipe | EmmaLouisa.comRosé seems to be the wine of late, but sometimes Frosé is where it's at for me. Some people just freeze their wine, I like to freshen it up. First of all it's sweeter that way, and I'm not a fan of tang, but its also a simple cocktail. 1 bottle of rose Frozen Berries Maple syrup (optional)

Add your frozen berries to your blender and blend until liquified. Add your rose and blend until just mixed. Have a quick taste and if the frosé mixture is not to your taste, add berries or maple syrup to taste. Blend and add to a container to place in the freezer.

After your frosé mixture has frozen, add it back into the blender to mix through again as the mixture will have separated in the freezing process.

Serve in a wine glass or champagne flute.

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Frosé Recipe |