Before I Fall | Spoiler Free Book Review


Before I Fall tells the story of Samantha, a popular girl, who on the biggest day of the school year, dies in a car accident. But she still wakes up the next morning, back at the start of the day before. I thought the character development was great for all of the characters. Everyone around Samantha developed differently each day and across the week, you find out quite a bit about each of them. Samantha went through quite the whirlwind and you get to see her in lots of different situations.

It was quite slow for a book that takes place over 7 days, and given that a lot of the same things happen each day, it can be quite repetitive, but I didn't think it was too much to the point where I just needed a break. I read the book in maybe 4 sittings and that was okay. I was in a bit of a reading funk when I was reading this one, so I barely ever picked it up, but I did really want to get to the ending so there was the urge the keep going and it got me out of that funk.

I would say this is great for a teenage or young adult reader, but it’d be quite a young book for adults.

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Thanks to Hachette for my review copy of Before I Fall