6 LUSH Cosmetics Reviews


I'm a little behind on posting my thoughts on all of the LUSH products that I've tested, so here is a bunch of reviews of products I have tried recently.

LUSH Guardians of the Forest review | EmmaLouisa.comGuardians of the Forest Bath Bomb

This a bright green bomb that completely changes the colour of your water. It dissolves quickly and completely into the water and fills the room with a strong fresh scent, with a hint of fresh grass. It's very relaxing and helped me sleep the night I tried it since I was wide awake before I had this bath. I'd definitely buy this again. It is currently available in store and online.

LUSH Unicorn Horn review | Emma LouisaUnicorn Horn Bubble Bar

This is the type of bar you need to run under the tap to dissolve into the water. I found it was a little hard to crumble because it's a little waxy so it tries to stay together a little. A few chunks fell into the water and I had to smoosh them with my hands to get them to melt. It has a soft scent, but turns the bath a bright neon pink and bubbles quite a bit because you run it under the water. This little gem was part of my Valentine's Day haul, but is still available online, so may be a permanent fixture.

LUSH Cupid Bath Bomb review | Emma LouisaCupid Bath Bomb

This one is really quite small for a bath bomb. It gives off a lovely sweet scent, but doesn't change the colour of the water all that much. It didn't bubble all that much, I think down to the size of it. I honestly wonder if my bath water wasn't hot enough to send this one whizzing around the bath, since it should do this too. If you aren't too into bubbles, but love to have beautiful scents from your bath, this one is for you. I may even buy it again just for the scent. Cupid is still available on the LUSH site.

LUSH Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb | Emma LouisaRose Bombshell Bath Bomb

This a very pink, very scented bomb. It smells just like roses, and even has small shredded rose petals in the middle that float around the bath. It turned the bath nice and pink, and bubbled a bit too. You do need to like the smell of roses for this one, but it is very relaxing. This one would be great for a romantic mood, and is still available for purchase on the LUSH site.

LUSH Bubbly Shower Gel Review | EmmaLouisa.comBubbly Shower Gel

This body wash is citrusy and yummy. The smell wakes you up a little and feels fresh on the skin. It's a bright orange colour, and spreads well across your skin. It lathers a decent amount, but not too much, so you don't get too bubbly. I will definitely repurchase this if it is available again next Christmas, so I hope it is available in the big bottle.

LUSH Christingle Body Conditioner | Emma LouisaChristingle Body Conditioner

This is a minty, tingly, thick cream. I try to use this one sparingly, since I don't like thick creams staying on my skin after I leave the shower. If you like that feeling of a moisturiser sinking into your skin across your day, you will love the thickness. I've actually used this with exfoliating gloves, since it works so well with those. I wouldn't purchase this one, but I can see a lot of other people loving it.

Have you tried any of these products?