Five Forget Mother's Day | Book Review


These new parodies of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books are hilarious. Even the chapter titles had me chuckling. The Famous Five are grown up, but still a little inept at doing seemingly simple things, like remembering Mother's Day. Five Forget Mother's Day is about George trying to finally get a great Mother's Day gift for her mum, but managing to struggle quite a bit. Their mishaps are enough to make you chuckle, and reminisce on how they were silly as kids too in the original books. There is some realness to it, with the possibility of an alcohol problem, and other family issues that could effect the group. I'd say this book was just as good as Five Go Gluten Free. There are so many little funny things that happen throughout, but it's got your classic cute ending. The drawings throughout the book are in the traditional style so are super cute.

If you or your parents read the Famous Five books, check these out. I still want to check out the rest of this new series, and collect them alongside the older books.


Thanks to Hachette NZ for my copy of Five Forget Mother's Day for review

Five Forget Mother's Day Book Review | Emma Louisa