You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero | Book Review


You Are A Badass is motivating without being preachy, shouty or cringey. It’s the balance of encouraging and recommending, but not being too over the top.If you want to do a little self improvement but don't feel like self help books are for you, I'd recommend this entirely. Sincero really lays it out for you. Every chapter has steps to achieving and always ends with a reminder to love yourself. It's so easy to pick up the book for 15 minutes and just read a chapter and then go back on to getting stuff done though.  It's not the longest book, but she definitely gives you a lot of quality worthwhile tips for improving your outlook and outcomes.

The money chapter was my favourite and I can't wait until her next book, all about money, comes out. I can see how this is her next book. This chapter was the most inspiring for me, as well as being the longest chapter. I guess the thing is, even if you have self awareness and self love, you can still have money issues, so a lot of people will find that so useful.

The book was so inspiring for me and gave me so many tips for mindset, meditation, money and general happiness, as well as a lot of tips I could take influence from if I start a business of my own someday.

Thanks to Hachette NZ for my review copy of You Are A Badass

Emma |