LUSH Haul Vol. 3 featuring the Valentine's Day range


I've been to Lush twice over the last few weeks and picked up quite a few bits and pieces. They have a beautiful Valentine's Day collection in store at the moment, as well as some cute new stand alone products. I've also felt a pull to their hair treatments recently, and they have some amazing sounding ones out.

Normally I guide myself around the store smelling all of the things, but these last two times, I've had a bit of a stuffy nose, so I went purely on hype and colour. We'll see how that turns out. Taking them out of the wrappers to photograph, I did find a couple had really strong scents that I wasn't overly drawn to, but everything smells different when you add a bath of water to it anyway.

I would highly recommend going into a Lush store if you are near one, or heading to their site, if you don't. They have so many interesting bits at the moment that are completely new and different to anything they have done before, so its a good time to try something new.

Lush Haul featuring Valentine's Day range | Emma Louisa

Kinky Hot Oil Hair Treatment Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb Cupid Bath Bomb (Valentine's Day) Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb Guardian of the Forest (new in store today) Unicorn Horn (Valentine's Day) Over and Over Bath Bomb (Valentine's Day) Sunnyside Bubble Bar Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb (Valentine's Day)

Once I've tried these, I'll let you know what I think, so keep an eye out for reviews.

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