The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer | Book Review


The Chemist is a thriller novel about a woman who is hiding from the American government, who she used to work for. Her old handler finds her and contacts her about a job that will get rid of the target on her back. Whether or not it's the right choice to do the job or not is the next adventure. I liked the Twilight story, like The Host but thought it was a little long, but this was amazing. It was thrilling and suspenseful. It had a romance aspect, as all of Meyer's books do, but it wasn't sickly sweet or unbelievable.

Even 521 pages, it wasn't too long. It didn't drag between the good stuff either. There was always something happening and another twist and turn coming up.

The characters were very well written, each with their own backstory, personality and way of talking. They made the story come alive, since without them being the way they were, they story wouldn't have been as good.

The aspects of the government and chemistry seemed accurate to me. I'm not sure if she consulted someone to make sure it was correct, but it seemed consistent and believable.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes a thriller, a mystery, a love story, or any of Stephenie Meyer's earlier work.

Thanks to Hachette for my copy of The Chemist

Emma |