Messy by Tim Harford | Book Review


Messy is book all about how being messy and creative in this tidy world can be beneficial for business. It's a super informative read, based on studies, stories and many years of research. I learnt a lot, for both tactical and personal reasons. I also understood how when I work a certain way in certain surroundings I work better. I'll be definitely capitalising on this for the future.

The book has so many great real-life stories about people and businesses. They break up the information and make it easier to consume. While I'd recommend reading this for a chapter each sitting once a week and really thinking about what you've read over the gap, you could also read it in fewer sittings if you wanted to. There is a huge index of all of the studies and people mentioned if you wanted to further your reading as well.

I'd recommend this for both messy and tidy people, creative and business people, and anyone at any level of people management. It's a really interesting topic, so if you are particularly interested in how different people work, this will definitely be of interest to you.


Thanks to Hachette for my copy of Messy

Emma |