LUSH Cosmetics Northern Lights Bath Bomb | Review


When I saw this bath bomb at the Christmas Launch, I knew I wanted to try it asap. Northern Lights is a purple bath bomb that dissolves with blue and yellow from either end. It sort of gives the illusion of the Northern Lights in the sky. The water underneath melts into a sort of bluey green, which is pretty on its own. It smells beautiful, a floral ylang ylang which is very relaxing. Northern Lights is very interesting to watch. It take a good while to fully melt into the bath, with the two colours shooting the bomb all around the bath, twisting and turning. The bath bomb itself is basically a tube with two coloured ends. The blue and yellow dissolve really fast, while the purple is very slow but gradual. It creates a sort of stream through the water as it melts away.

The brightness of all three of the colours really makes for a bright bath, with a very bold tone jewel tone when it all mixes together.

LUSH Cosmetics Northern Lights Bath Bomb | Review |

It bubbled up pretty well holding it's colour, enough that there was a little bit on the top of the bath, but not too much that I needed a shower after. The bath was so soft and refreshing for my skin. It was definitely a treatment, my skin was so smooth the next day.

Overall, it was a very relaxing experience, both from the calm of watching ti dissolve, soaking in a night sky coloured bath and the calming smell.

I would love to have this in my bath so I'll be buying a few more of these before the season ends, just for the year, but I still hope they bring it back next year. I'm sure they will given what everyone seems to think of it.

LUSH Cosmetics Northern Lights Bath Bomb | Review |


Thank you to the team at LUSH for my Northern Lights Bath Bomb

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