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Five Go Gluten Free is one of five books in a series, released this week as a parody of the original Enid Blyton series, the Famous Five, with this text written by Bruno Vincent. I thought it was actually written pretty close to the original series, but just with a bit of a spin when they talked about more modern times. The gluten free aspect to this book, while clear it was a parody, actually made sense as you read the book, so it wasn't just a parody.I thought it was funny, but in a smile to yourself sort of a way, not a laugh out loud way.

It features the classic Famous Five adventure but also tied in with them excluding gluten, dairy and sugar from their diet, as well as how that effects the dynamic of the group with each of their developed personalities. It's not the smugglers and spies sort of adventure, but one of a different kind.

Five Go Gluten Free Book Review |

The artwork is similiar to the original series with drawings dotted throughout the book. They didn't match the pages, or chapter, though, with pieces said at the start quoted near the end of the book. I can't remember if that was something done in the old series, or maybe just something for the parody.

This book was so well suited for me, since I can't eat wheat, I could giggle along and know how it all felt as well as from outside. I've had to give it up on medical advice and feel immediate symptoms when I eat it, but I've had quite a few experiences where people thought I was giving it up for the cleaner lifestyle, like the Five did.

I'll definitely be checking out the rest of the book range, which includes Five Go Parenting, Five Go On A Strategy Away Day, Five on Brexit Island and Five Give Up the Booze.

I'd recommend checking this out, for the nostalgia, or for a really good short book, or for the parody.

Thanks to Hachette for my copy of Five Go Gluten Free 

Five Go Gluten Free Book Review |