The Girl On The Train | Movie Review


Last night, my boyfriend and I went to the advance screening of The Girl On The Train. The movie was thrilling, captivating and suspenseful. I thought the adaptation of the book was so well done. Usually I feel that the book is so much better than the novel, but I really didn’t have that feeling this time. The bits that were left out didn’t matter much and the few changes they made only altered it to seem more realistic.

The characters were well played by all of the actors. There was no point where anything seemed off, or I second guessed them because it wasn’t carried off well. I think my favourite was actually the detective, she was just the same as book, clearly thinking Rachel was nuts and not hiding it because she just didn’t think she had to.

The way the novel was written, from the three women’s perspectives, over a long period of time, translated beautifully to the screen. They almost had like chapter beginnings to some scenes as it changed perspective and time.

I felt the changes in time as we flashed back to the past, when Rachel was with Tom, and Megan’s young adult years were well done, rather than the way other films have done them in the past with drastic changes in looks and hair colour to make it clear it was another time, which just seems silly in most instances. For Rachel’s scenes from the past, she looked healthy and fresh, but that’s just alcohol abuse for you. The change in Rachel in the scenes from before her alcoholism, during, in her withdrawals and her twitching were so well done.

There were some truly beautiful cinematography throughout the film where thought had been placed into how they could intensify the scene with a change in style.

My boyfriend hasn’t read the book and enjoyed it just as much as me, so you’ll enjoy it whether you’ve read the book. The only thing is, because I knew what would happen next, I wasn’t as immersed in the story as he was. I wouldn’t say it ruined it for me, but it sure would be a different experience.

It only started screening in other cinemas today, so you’ll have a bit of time to go and see it if you’re intrigued.

Emma |
Emma |