LUSH Christmas Launch


This morning, I went to the LUSH Christmas product launch here in Auckland. It was a fun event, getting to see the new range, see some demonstrations, chat to some other bloggers and even mould our own bath bombs. I love so many of the new bits for the LUSH Christmas range, but there are also some of the scents from last year's range, with more products for those scents. There's a whole extension to the Snow Fairy range for one. Lord of Misrule is back too for Halloween, so I'll be buying a whole bunch of them to last me the year.

Some of the new bits that I really want to soak in the tub in are Northern Lights, Never Mind The Ballistics, Santasaurus, and any of the FUN, since they look so damn cute. For soaps and shower gels, I want to try Bubbly Shower Gel, Baked Alaska, Santa's Belly Shower Gel and the Papa Noel face cleanser. Some of the range isn't on the online store, but keep an eye out since they might add them. They should be in stores though. We were at Sylvia Park, so they are there for sure.

We were able to mould our own Big Blue bath bombs. The mixture was all mixed up, so we just added our salt and mixture to two halves and smooshed it all together. We have to leave them for a day or two, but it's gonna be so cool to use one I moulded myself. I can't imagine the staff doing tens of thousands of those in a day. They also had really cute mocktails for us too, based off two of the products. I tried the one based off the Bubbly shower gel (pictured above). I also came away with a goodie bag filled with bits I'm going to try out ASAP, so look out for reviews of those soon.

I really enjoyed looking through the gift box range in the Christmas booklet tonight and I think I'll be buying quite a few this year, both for myself and for my friends. As well as being a great gift, the bits are cheaper in the packs than on their own usually, so if you want quite a few, they are a great buy.

Here are just a few of the photos I took today, to see the full range of LUSH Christmas products, head into a store near you, or have a look at the website. Just allow yourself a lot of time, there's so many awesome bits in there.


LUSH Christmas Launch | Emma Louisa

LUSH Christmas Launch | Emma Louisa

LUSH Christmas Launch | Emma Louisa


LUSH Christmas Launch Northern Lights | Emma Louisa

Northern Lights demonstration


LUSH Christmas Launch | Emma Louisa

Reindeer Rock and Fireside Soaps


LUSH Christmas Launch | Emma Louisa

The Gift Wall


LUSH Christmas Launch Snow Fairy FUN | Emma Louisa

Snow Fairy FUN


LUSH Christmas Launch Big Blue | Emma Louisa

Moulding our own Big Blue

LUSH Christmas Launch Goodie Bag | Emma Louisa

The Goodies I brought home: It's Christmas Dear Knot Wrap, Bubbly Shower Gel, Snow Fairy FUN, Never Mind the Ballistics, Northern Lights, Santasaurus, Jester, Chriscringle, Fairy Dust and Butterbear


Thank you to the team at LUSH for such a great morning and my goodies

Emma |