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Whenever someone leaves the country, I'll ask them to get me some bits from duty free. Maybe a perfume, alcohol, a gift for someone, or beauty products. Not needing to pay tax or duties makes it quite a bit cheaper. Atleast enough to make it worth waiting til someone goes overseas. I only buy myself treat bits though, since I usually have to wait around for someone to be going somewhere if its limited edition or I need it now. My parents went to Australia recently, so I gave my mum a list and she grabbed the bits I was after as they went through the airport. I'd been after a red lipstick that wasn't drugstore for so long and I tried out Russian Red at a friend's party once and fell in love. I wanted a bold, matte lip, that was going to stay all night and not make my lips dry and cracked. To match,  needed a lip pencil that was super close to Russian Red, so went for Ruby Woo.

I've been using the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for years. I love it. It's the perfect light coverage, adds a matte finish and stays for a decent amount of time on the skin. Because I often use a light dusting to set my makeup, and don't wear makeup everyday, these last me ages too. It is 15g of powder after all.

If you're wondering about the price difference of buying duty free versus in an NZ store, I saved $33 by buying through Duty Free. NZ is possibly the most expensive country to buy MAC in, with lipsticks at $40 when in the USA they are $14.

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MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in N4 MAC Cosmetics Russian Red Lipstick MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Lip Pencil

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