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Ever since The Experimenter Bath Bomb was featured on the LUSH site, I wondered what it would be like. Whether it would create a rainbow, or just a murky mess. Whether it would shoot around the bath, or just crumble in one spot. It's made of five bright colours, which I hoped would translate into such a beautiful rainbow in the bath. While it was really interesting to watch fizz up, it kind of turned the bath an emerald green, with bright colours right around the fizzing ball. Once it finished fizzing, the bath just turned a sort of green-grey from the mix of colours. There were also shimmery sparkles all throughout the bath. That was awesome to sit in, but I did need a shower to wash those off after.

The scent was beautiful, with a pretty strong scent of vanilla. It's super sweet, but also very relaxing.

The scent combined with the mixing of colours makes for quite a tranquil and mellow experience. It's definitely calming, so would only really be on for before bed for me.

I would definitely buy this again, but there are also so many others I want to try too. I'm going to look into whether this is in any of the gift sets for Christmas gifts too, I think it would be an awesome thing to receive because it seems so bright and happy. It would definitely cheer anyone up to receive this as a gift at any time of year really.

LUSH Cosmetics The Experimenter Review |

LUSH Cosmetics The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review | Emma Louisa


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