The Garden Shed | Mt Eden


Last Saturday, I went to a blogger's brunch with #BrunchClub. We went to a bar and bistro in Mt Eden, The Garden Shed. For my brunch, I ordered gluten free Buckwheat Pancakes, a vanilla latte and an apple juice. The food was amazing and it was really great chatting with the group. The pancakes were super light and fluffy and came with plenty of maple syrup, fruit and butter. My double shot coffee was delicious and the apple juice was fresh and sweet. After we had our meal, we were surprised with a beer tasting. I'm not a beer drinker, but it was still interesting to hear about how they change out their beers, how many they have, and the different types. I took a small taste of each, and I'm sure a beer drinker would love the difference of the 5 we tasted.

Before we left, the waitstaff gave us some seeds, which was extra cool because we were all getting some garden ideas from the decor. I got Buttercrunch, Red Russian Kale and Lolla Bionda, which I'll need to do some research on before I plant them anywhere.

I'll definitely be heading back to The Garden Shed soon. I had major FOMO with everyone else's meals so I want to try some more. But I'd better be starving when I ry the burger. It's held together with a knife for crying out loud.

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