Prosecco Cocktails | Three Simple Recipes


Prosecco is great on it's own, that's kind of what they make it for, but if you want to try something a little different, there are endless options. Just like any other liquor, there are accompanying ingredients that can make it into something completely different. You could try adding other types of liquor, but my favourite is adding berries. They add a little sweetness and a little twang, but don't overpower the wine. Prosecco with berries | EmmaLouisa.comMy first suggestion is to just throw in some berries. This is relatively basic, but it changes the taste of the wine enough that it tastes like a whole new drink.

You can stick to one type of berry, or just throw in a bunch from a mixed bag. Frozen berries work like ice cubes, but they don't water down your drink as they melt.

handful of berries 3/4 glass of prosecco

From here, you can try adding lemon, or lime, or sugar, or any other ingredient that you think will match up. Just make sure you don't overfill the glass.

Prosecco cocktails | The next way I like is adding both lemon and sugar with your berries. It's a little bit zingy, but also quite sweet. Sweeter berries like strawberries and raspberries work best to contrast the lemon. Just slice a lemon and some strawberries, add them to a glass with some sugar and pour the prosecco over the mix.

1 tbsp sugar lemon (thinly sliced) handful of sliced strawberries half glass of prosecco


Prosecco Ice Cream Float | My final suggestion is to make a sort of prosecco and berry ice cream float. I add some mixed berries and sugar first, then the ice cream and pour the prosecco over the top. This order stops the prosecco from spilling out as you add the other ingredients, but also, the ice cream and wine mix will fizz.

handful or chopped mixed berries 1 tbsp sugar quarter glass of prosecco scoop of vanilla ice cream

Test these out, try adding ingredients, and see what you come up with.

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