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I keep looking at my desk and thinking it needs to be reorganised. It's not messy right now, but it just needs to be a bit more organised so that it stays that way. I don't have drawers so that would be a great start, but I've also been looking for a few more ideas. I love looking at Pinterest for things like this, where I just want to see what other, more organised, people have done. My boyfriend and I share the office at our place, he works from home, so whatever I do has an effect on him too. It's a balance of what we both need. Office Inspiration | EmmaLouisa.comI loved the look of this pic with the desks facing each other in the middle of the room and plenty of shelves and drawers. I have taken note of the amount of things actually on the desks in this image too since that does impact the overall look. Good storage does make this possible. I'll consider doing something like this, but we'd need to get new desks to make this one work. Mine is square, while his is a rectangle so this wouldn't work at all.

I love the look of the drawer sets in this pic. There a decent amount of space for folders, and loads of drawers. This is what I'm looking for, maybe a little taller, or maybe the drawers and 2 shelves separately.

I think the thing I like the most about a matching desk space is the symmetry. It just looks so much more harmonious to me. I think that if you don't keep much on the desks, they are pretty and matching without being identical.


Office Inspiration | EmmaLouisa.comThis next symmetrical desk design is also quite beautiful. The desks alongside each other on a longer wall would be the best thing for a more rectangular space. I could see this working if we turned our lounge into our office and our office into our lounge.

I like the contrast of the business of the shelves with the plain white wall as well. It's quite creative and you could change out plants and art to give the room new look.

I also really like the chairs in this pic, with the (faux?) fur on them to soften them up, both physically and aesthetically.

I could see this type of office working, but I don't think it's quite right for our space.


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I love the art on this wall. Although the desk and what's on it is super basic, the art wall really takes over. In the best way possible. I have used this method and am still thinking of doing an art wall in my lounge.

For now I can stick to my few posters and my cork boards. Because we are in a rental, we actually shouldn't be blue-tacking things to the wall as well, so I'm hesitant to blue-tack something up and leave it up for too long in case the paint fuses.

I'll be doing this same kind of method, on cork boards instead I think.


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For a simple white desk, I've been loving the sort of easel style, where the legs are really similar to an easel, with the desk plank on top. It's simple, but also more interesting than standard legs.

The only thing is that your drawers can't fit under so they have to sit to the side, just in this pic. Here it really works though. The top of the drawers also becomes another surface to put things too, whereas when it's under your desk that gap is usually too small to put anything.


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I love bookcases for storing all of your beautiful home decor, alongside your files and notebooks. I think the bookcase in this pic is perfect. The storage boxes are a simple white, so they blend in with the shelves and the wall seamlessly, but also fit with the beautiful pieces on the other shelves.

The desk in this pic is also perfect with drawers on both sides. This allows them to keep everything off the desktop, keeping it uncluttered.

I'm also really loving the shelves in this pic, with white planks and the standout black structure. It compliments the chair and darker bits on the bookcase, making the desk so monochrome and still very interesting to look at.


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