Bag Lady Vol. 3


My bag collection doesn't necessarily need to get any bigger, but that probably won't stop me. I really like switching it out, both for my outfit, but also for what I'm doing that day or night, depending on what I need to carry with me. I tend to buy bags that are relatively cheap, $20 to $80. The motivation behind that is really just that I tend to chuck them around a bit. It's a whole lot less stress if something happens, like something spills inside. My eyes have wandered to checking out quite a few on ASOS again the last few weeks, so I thought I'd share. I've been loving backpacks recently and this leather look one is like some of the more expensive ones I've seen, but so much cheaper. Pleather is also easier to wipe clean. I also love a good tote bag, always a good accompaniment to an outfit. I've been liking smaller bags inside my handbag to keep things organised. This also helps change between different styles. The other type of bag I love, is a roll bag. It's great for overnight, or gym gear.

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