Lush Haul Vol. 2


I stopped by the Lush store near my work a couple of weeks ago to check out their Christmas in July bits and bought a few things. Lush Haul Vol. 2 | EmmaLouisa.comMy skin has been having a wee moment the last couple of weeks, so I thought a mask might help. I picked up the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, which I've had before. It helps a bit and makes me take a lot better care of my skin, moisturising properly, drinking lots of water. It has quite a few ingredients in it and needs to be kept in the fridge. It goes on wet, and dries as the 5 or 10 minutes passes, which I like. I buy masks like this because even if they actually don't, they feel like they are pulling out all of the gross. It does sort of look like you've fallen in mud, just so you know. I wouldn't answer the door in it. I've tried quite a few of Lush's fresh face masks and loved every single one of them. I'm yet to find one I can;t live without though.

The Christmas in July range is what actually made me go in, but there were quite a few other bath bombs that I liked the look of that had nothing to do with Christmas. I love spicy or sweet scents, but not necessarily floral ones. I had a good sniff of a bunch, took a lap around the shop and then made my decision.

Lush Haul Vol. 2 |


I picked up theĀ Sakura Bath Bomb because I loved the popping candy stye salts on the top. I'm not sure if there is anything inside this, but it would be cool if there was popping candy style bits that fizzed in the bath once it melted. It turns out though that it is blue sea salt. It smells like cherry blossoms, which I wouldn't think I'd like, but there is just enough other bits to make it smell good to me.

I saw the Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar a little bit ago in Kate La Vie's haul in her vlog and thought that I had to have it. When I saw it, I all but squealed. I was super careful putting it in the bag in case it broke. I'm hoping it does something decent to my bath, because it's actually quite small. It's bloody cute though.

One of the Christmas products I really wanted to try over any other was the Yog Nog Bath Bomb. It's a little bit spicy and a lot sweet. It smells quite a bit of toffee to me. I have no idea what egg nog even smells like, but I guess this fits with what I imagined.

I've seen The Experimenter Bath Bomb everywhere across the internet. I'm hoping that when it melts in the bath, it will turn the water into a galaxy and not a brown mess. It sure is beautiful as it is though.

The Lord of Misrule Bath Ballistic caught my eye and smelled amazing. Then the salesgirl told me it had a wine colour inside and I immediately imagined what it would do to my bath. If you've seen my Instagram, you'll know I've already used this.

The Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar is very cute. I'm scared to swizzle it to see if it sort of works as a little drum. I'm not sure if you are even meant to put the bells in the bath. But I love the pink and yellow and how neon they are. I really want to see what this does to my bath. It also smells really sweet too.

What's your favourite Wintry Lush product?

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