The Nail Polish Clear-Out


Friday night, after months of leaving my nails alone, I went through all of my nail polish. I dusted them off, shook them up, threw some out, added a little remover to others and basically tidied them up. A few months ago, my nails were thin, dry, continuously cracking and fraying. I decided I would watch what cleaning products were exposed to my hands and stop painting my nails in an attempt to fix them. It worked, but now I want to get back into painting my nails semi-regularly. Because of that period of time, where the polishes just sat under my bed untouched, nearly every one had separated. Most polishes thankfully have those tiny metal balls in there that help shake the polish up and stop them drying out. The ones that didn’t have those small balls because they are too old, have dried out either a little, or completely. The old ones with glitter, and the one shatter polish, have dried out to an ironically shattered effect in the bottle.

The Nail Polish Clear-Out |


You can bring a semi-dry polish back to life by adding in a couple of drops of nail polish remover and giving the bottle a seriously good shake. This won’t make it good as new, but it will let you get another few coats out of it.

For polishes that are still liquid, but have just separated into multiple colours, give them a good shake for a minute and they’ll be just back to normal. You might notice some of the discolouration on the very edge of the bottle doesn’t go away, but what goes on the brush will be mixed again.

I have just enough shades that they don’t fit flush in the box with all of my treatments, but I’m going to keep storing them in there. If I get a bigger box, I might allow myself to buy more shades, and I really don’t need that. 61 polishes is more than any girl needs.

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The Nail Polish Clear-Out |