Winter Wardrobe Wishlist | For Home


I'm the kind of person who comes home, goes to my wardrobe and gets changed into comfy clothes and relaxes before I get into doing much else most nights. I love wearing trackpants (we call them fat pants) and a baggy t-shirt around. And if I have to go out after that to run an errand and don't think the fat pants will cover it, I put on some jeans or whatever and keep the tee. I also quite often wear leggings as pants. So sue me. Everything is covered by a longline tee or a tunic so who cares. I also love layering on a soft knit, either a button down or pullover style to add lots of warmth, without feeling stiff. I know they are harder to take care of, but it's worth it. Comfort is key. I'm loving brightening up these bits though, a soft blue and dusky pinks are my faves, so I went on the hunt. Again, I went to my go-to, ASOS, to find some pieces that I wanted, as well as some inspiration and thought I’d share my finds with you.

Each of these pieces are from the ASOS Curve range and they all look so comfy and soft that I know I'd love them all.

Winter Wardrobe Wishlist For Home |

1. ASOS Curve 2 Pack Oversized T-Shirt 2. ASOS Curve Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan 3. ASOS Curve Casual Shirt with Raw Edge 4. ASOS Curve Oversized Zip Front Hoodie 5. ASOS Curve Sweat Pant with Contrast Tie

Yes, I do realise four of these are pink. No, I don't mind. It's the one colour I don't have, so pastels are my new best friend. I realise I own far too much black and navy and not enough of anything else.

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