Wildflower by Drew Barrymore | Book Review


Drew Barrymore’s memoir, Wildflower, is collection of stories from her life so far. Some happy, some sad, and some a little bit strange. There were quite a few laughs and a few moments where I really felt for her, but all in all it was a very positive account. I really enjoyed the stories she told. Some were a little bizarre, but at the end of the book, they all made sense, how she got to that point in her life, and then moved on to the person she is now. I love the aspects of her career, in both acting and her own business, her relationships, her childhood, motherhood, and all of the fun and learning in between. They all weaved together to tell the story of her.

I thought this book was quite raw. She didn’t glide over anything tht might make anyone look bad, and told it the way it was, at the detriment to herself in some cases. This really showed to me, that everyone makes mistakes and made a case for how much she grew as a person over the years.

Wildflower is told in non-chronological order, which isn’t something I have ever experienced before in a memoir. Each chapter, while being about a different theme, doesn’t seem to flow on from the last or onto the next. My only criticism for this book is that I think it would have been easier to get caught up in if it was told in the order of how the events occurred in her life.

I listened to this book through Audible.com. I always love the ones where the author narrates the book themselves. They know exactly what they are trying to convey at the time and so speak very well for what is going on.

If you a fan of Drew, of her movies, of her life, or those of child actors, pick this one up.

Portrait of Drew Barrymore is from The Guardian

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