The Perfect Cheese Platter


I love a good cheese platter. But if you're preparing it to share with other people, you've got to think about more tastes than your own. Everyone likes something a little different, so if you place a variety of cheeses and other bits on the platter, everyone will be able to have something they like. Start with a packet of crackers. A light one is good to let you taste the cheeses. A thicker one is more stable to pack high. Next, I like to add a tasty pesto or hummus, it adds a great flavour to compliment the cheese. I also like to add some kind of meat, either pastrami, salami or ham.

The Perfect Cheese Platter | Emma Louisa


For the cheeses, I like to add a mix. Soft cheeses like camembert and brie are super popular, so that's a great place to start. They are also one of the cheapest because of their popularity. I love a cheese with a little bit of a twist and I've found that cumin seed gouda is pretty popular with my friends. Blue cheese or parmesan are really popular with people who love a smelly cheese. If it's really stinky and someone doesn't like them, I'd suggest putting it on a different plate. It stops it all getting mingled in together as the platter gets devoured.

Some people like adding a few extras like olives or fruit. Dabble a little and taste the range. Try pairing wines and other drinks. Just have fun, and enjoy the banter with your friends and family across your platter.

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