The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North | Book Review


The Life and Death of Sophie Stark is dark and intense, but I loved it. It is the story of an elusive artist, who makes very raw films, inspired by the people around her. I love that this book is told from the perspective of people who interact with Sophie in different ways throughout her life. It really shows how interesting she is and the effect her odd behaviour has on everyone around her. The colossal impact she has on these people and their lives with and without her in them.

Through the eyes of other people, and how she made them feel, Sophie’s story is told. Like anyone, she is less than perfect and causes a lot of pain with her unapologetic attitude. As a character, she is mesmerising, The actions she takes make waves and create an intriguing read.

This isn’t a spoiler, since it’s in the title, but Sophie dies during the book. You spend so much of the book anticipating it, not knowing when it will come, or how. I found this very suspenseful and I was actually really interested in how her life would turn out.

I thought this book was very rich in character development and emotion. A lot goes on in the book, both in events that take place and the whirlwind of emotions, and it was very interesting.

If you love a great psychological thriller, I highly recommend this. It’s not a happy one, but you’ll feel better having read it.

I actually listened to most of this through and really enjoyed the audio version. The narrators were great and it was a quicker way of going through it, which kept me on the tip of my toes.

Thanks to Hachette Australia for my review copy.

Emma |