Deliciously Ella Every Day | Cookbook Review


I really like both Ella’s blog and YouTube channel and have loved using her first book to create some healthy meals that were super yum. So when she brought out her second book, I was super keen. Deliciously Ella Every Day is a compilation of more of the meals you would eat if you were to keep up the diet Ella eats for an extended period of time. I personally don't, but I do love to eat them sometimes. There’s so many more choices of different types of foods and tips on what you easily alter.

I like that the majority of the recipes are based off one or two people, unless they are for bulk cooking or baking. This means you don’t have to constantly divide the recipe to make the right amount. With it just being me and my boyfriend here, it’s great, plus we can always double it if we like.

Deliciously Ella Every Day Review |

The recipes are like the first book, super easy to follow. None of the steps are really very difficult, so you can easily whip them up after work or for lunch. I find them super filling and you feel great eating fresh ingredients and healthier combinations.

I have found that a few of the ingredients aren’t the easiest to find in NZ supermarkets, but I’m slowly finding new places to shop to get those things every so often.

If you like Ella’s content online or if you want to try a more plant-based, wheat free diet, check this one out.

Thanks to Hachette for my review copy.

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