The Caker Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Mix | Review


The Caker Mix Review | I'm allergic to wheat so I use spelt or gluten free flour in all of my baking. It means it's difficult for me to buy cakes or biscuits from a store. When I found out that The Caker makes most of her cakes with either gluten free or spelt flour, I was super excited. The price means I can only really buy a cake when it's a super special occasion, but for your general cake needs, a mix is much more affordable and they do those too.

They sell these at selected healthier food stores and at The Caker shops for $25.00, so I thought this was an awesome option for a recent celebration and wasn't too expensive in my book. I didn't end up using it for the birthday, but did on the weekend when I wanted to spend my afternoon baking.

It's a super easy cake to make. You only need the mix, milk of your choice, butter or oil and some chopped hazelnuts for this recipe. You just mix it together, bake it, ice it and eat it. It's not a huge cake, it's recommended for 12 servings, but would be good for a group of 8 or more. Overall, I thought the cake was great. The icing is actually far too runny though, so I'd add less milk next time, but it tastes amazing and was kind to my stomach. The praline bits that come with this cake really make it seem bought rather than home made so it feels a little fancy.

It's wheat free (spelt flour still has gluten), egg free and can be made dairy free or vegan, so it's great for those with allergies. There are also three other mixes if you have a nut allergy.

I'll definitely be getting this again and would recommend it whether you have allergies or not, since it tastes great and not at all like an alternative for 'real' cake.

I am not associated with The Caker.

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