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I love a good book that I can pick up, read a chapter or so and then walk away. Books I can put on display are also amazing because they serve two purposes. Art books, memoirs, photography books and streetstyle and just fun to have around when you're just eating breakfast or drinking a coffee and just want to pick up a book without committing to a whole novel.

I've seen so many beautiful books that I would love to keep on my coffee table, so I thought I'd make a series about it. This is the first of these posts, showcasing the style books that I'm coveting.

Women in this Town is a streetsyle book of women's outfits from large cities around the world. I've seen the insides of this book and absolutely loved it. I'd love to flip through this before shopping or choosing outfits for anything. All of the inspiration. Equally, the men's version, Men in this Town, is just as beautiful. Although I don't dress very masculine and my boyfriend isn't obsessed with style, I just love the styles in it.

DIY Fashionista is a book by the DIY blogger behind a pair and a spare which features 40 fashion based projects. I adore her blog and so would love to have this book, both for inspiration, but also to do those 40 projects. I love doing crafts and little DIYs as well as sewing and creating clothes, so this is right up my alley.

Garance Dore's book Love x Style x Life is a style guide, speckled with stories of her life. I love french style and the effortless looks she pulls together, so her tips would do me well. She also talks about fashion shows and beauty so it's a well rounded book. It's also just a beautifully made book and has beautiful paper, font and images.

How to be Parisian is a book all about Parisian style, manner and lifestyle. It's an eloquent little guide, which is interesting to read as well as quite relaxing. I'd love to pick this up and read it chapter at a time while I drink coffee or hot chocolate on the weekend and dream about being so glamorous ad effortlessly stylish.

It is a book I'm sure most of you will have heard of. It's essentially Alexa Chung's story. She talks about her inspirations, style, selfies. I've head it embodies Alexa's personality and since it features her own notebook pages and sketches, I guess you start to feel like you know her. I'd just love to have this both to look at, that cloth cover though, as well as to read it chapter by chapter and find out about Alexa and her amazing style.

Is there a book you love and would recommend or would really just love to own?

I am in now way affiliated with The Book Depository or any of the authors mentioned.

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