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I truly adore books which show amazing make up looks and skincare tips. They make me want to put more effort into my beauty routine and the hair and makeup I do. I'm wishing I could add these to my collection.

I have Lauren Conrad's Style and love it, so I really want Beauty. I've flicked through it before and love the looks and how to's throughout it. I love how Lauren Conrad wears and the tips she puts on her website too, so I think I'd love this.

Lisa Eldridge is an amazing makeup artist, YouTuber and now she is the Creative Director of Lancome. Her new book, Face Paint, is a history of makeup, including the colours, new products created over the years and beautiful stories. This is an amazing book to read a chapter here and there. Parts of the book are broken up by them, like colour, so it's not necessarily chronological. It also has beautiful images throughout it.

Your Beauty Mark is Dita von Teese' book about all things beauty from her perspective. I love her attitude towards things and although I'm not particularly interested in dressing like her, I d love her take on beauty.

I had a flick through Making Faces at a friend's place and loved the images and tips in it. There are guides for how to create looks and how to apply different types of makeup.

Love Tanya isn't all about beauty, but it does have a few makeup and skincare sections. Tanya Burr is a YouTuber who vlogs about style, beauty and lifestyle and has embodied this in her book as well. I'm particularly keen on the beauty section though, because I love the classic looks Tanya creates. This is another book that you could easily pick up and read a chapter of one day.

Do you love a little beauty on your coffee table?

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