The Wrong Girl by Laura Wilson | Book Review


The Wrong Girl by Laura Wilson Book Review | EmmaLouisa.comThe Wrong Girl is a psychological thriller novel that takes place after the death of a man who has been housing his long lost daughter and granddaughter, unbeknownst to his sister, who gave the daughter up for adoption at birth. It follows the family as they try to untangle the past and some mysteries that have touched their lives. That sounds so complicated and yet it is only half of the premise. The granddaughter is adamant she is actually Phoebe Piper, a girl who went missing years earlier and was never found, and now she believes she has proof. Then she goes missing. This novel was thrilling from start to finish. I was second guessing everything all of the way through. The ending did surprise me, but I did also see it unfolding at the end. I was hypothesising a bunch of possible ways this book would go near the start, and one of my guesses was close, however I really thought it wasn't by the halfway point.

The characters were well developed and each had their own suspicious attributes. Many of the background characters had quite a lot of psychological turmoil that added to the suspense. Each of the main characters were multidimensional and intriguing. I really loved the development of their past lives and how that has effected their present. I especially loved everything surrounding the granddaughter, Molly, and her thoughts and why she disappeared.

This book deals with murder, abduction, schizophrenia and other mental disorders, so please be aware of those before beginning the novel.

Thanks to Hachette Australia for my digital copy of this book for review.

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