Making Meatballs


I'm attempting to try as many new things this year as possible. It's a fun little attempt from me to  be able to look back on the year and see all of the cool things I did. Part of this is taking some new classes to see what interests me. I've been using Skillshare for over a year, so this was the first place for me to go to take new classes and take both technical classes and fun little classes to widen my knowledge. I saw a cute workshop involving the new range of culinary classes and decided it was a good chance to do something new. I had a look through the videos and figured this class on making meatballs was an achievable one for me. I've cooked meatballs before, but never under the tuition of a chef and not in this kind of style. It was super fun. I learnt a few new tips, including that if you crack an egg on a flat surface instead of the side of the bowl, you won't get shells in the mix, and tried a completely new way of making meatballs. With my new low FODMAP diet, I had to change the recipe a little, but that was the whole point of the class.

I love that before I enroll in a class, I can watch the intro to see if the way the tutor talks and presents will suit my taste and if the reviews of the class are any good. There's so many classes on there that you don't have to struggle through an accent or presentation that you don't like, only to find you didn't learn much. This teacher was awesome, chatting away while he cooked and giving as many tips as he could throughout the videos.


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The recipe was so easy to follow and I ended the video knowing how I could tweak it to try something new. The projects for each class are usually pretty simple and fun and this one was no different. It just involved sharing your own recipe that you'd adapted from the original so I cooked up a batch the other night and shared my test recipe and what I thought I'd want to change next time. The community on Skillshare is great. You can like and comment on other people's projects and chat about the class.

If you are wanting to learn some new skills or just try a fun class, but can't necessarily commit to an in-person weeks long local class, check out Skillshare. You can also get a free month trial by using this link.

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