iPhone Case Wishlist


You might think it's a little weird that I like looking at iPhone cases, when I don't own an iPhone. Or maybe a lot weird. While I save up, I like finding bits online that I'd get for it, like cute cases. It keeps me on track. Currently my phone and iPod are dying a slow death, so at some point I'll need to replace or find an alternative for both of those things. But I figure, why not combine them? I've been a Samsung girl for a while, so I'm a little torn, but one day I'll make a final decision. Possibly the day I buy it.

Here are a few of the cute cases I've found online lately. I'm currently crushing on the gold iPhone and I think these all look super cute with that background. I'd pick one of these in a heartbeat when I buy my phone because they would make me smile every time I saw them. And that's kind of the point. Yes, I'd need to protect the phone, but why not add something that's fun and fashionable.


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MACARONS // Roses // PRETTY IN PINK // Emoji Love Transparent Case // Summer Essentials (Transparent) // First Coffee (White) // FLOWER GIRL by Monika Strigel

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