Mosquitoland by David Arnold | Book Review


Mosquitoland is a coming of age story with psychological intrigue. This novel follows a teen girl, who now lives with her father but so badly wants to see her mother that she runs away, by bus, back to the town she thinks her mother might still live. We follow her through every twist and turn she takes and each situation she manages to get herself into along the way.

Mosquitoland Book Review | EmmaLouisa.comThe characters are amazing. You feel for each one of them as they go through each of their own issues throughout the book. Even the side characters are quite well thought out and have their own psychological issues that are brought up throughout Mim's interactions with them. I thought they worked so well as a group and you both love and hate different people all at the best times.

The style of writing is also really well done. It's conversational, so I feel like I'm there or being told by Mim herself. It’s not often I read a book by a man that is narrated from the perspective of a teen girl, but it did not disappoint. Not once did I think that what Mim did was something no teen girl would do, nor did anything she do seem stereotypical of a teenage girl.

If you love a great story about travelling across the country and making friends along the way, check this one out.

I'm finding I love novels that have any kind of psychological aspect to them. They make not only the characters more deep, but they make me think more about why people do the things they do.

Mosquitoland does deal with schizophrenia, depression and rape, so just a fair warning before you dive in.

I will definitely be keen to read more of David Arnold's work as he is an amazing writer.

Thanks to Hachette Australia for the e-book for review.

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